In many retail environments, payments online or on-the-go is quickly becoming the norm. We have great news, MNA has mobile solutions you can quickly and more securely accept payments anytime, anywhere, including online or from a smart phone or tablet. MNA available seamless technology can eliminate the need for standalone payment terminals and dedicated phone lines.

Payment security does not have to be sacrificed for full payment mobility – all of our mobile payment solutions incorporate MNA security measures and encryption technology to help protect your customers’ card data and help prevent losses associated with data breaches.

Converge and Converge Mobile

Converge is MNA omni-commerce payment platform that allows you to process transactions in all payment environments. Consider Converge as the one-stop-shop to help you more securely manage payments and your customer data while on-the-go, in one online place.

Converge Mobile is ideal for many businesses types of any size. It processes a full range of payment types. Whether you want to accept payments from a mobile device, swipe a credit card, process over the phone or just need an extra checkout option, simply open the Converge Mobile app. It’s easy to set up and has bonus features including point of sale options to apply discounts, calculate sales tax, offer tip options and email receipts.

Merchant Nation Association has on-the-go solutions for a variety of industries, including but not limited to:

  • Food trucks

  • Kiosks

  • Pop-up shops

  • Mobile services

  • Restaurant (pay at the table)

  • Event vendors

  • Valets