Accepting with card absent

Authorize with caution

  • An invalid or missing expiration date might mean the customer doesn’t have the actual

  • card in hand. Ask for more information if you receive an authorization but still suspect fraud.

  • Ask for the name of the bank that appears on the front of the card.

  • Contact the cardholder with any questions.

  • Confirm the order separately by sending a note via the customer’s billing address rather than the “ship to” address.

Warning signs

  • First-time shopper

  • Larger than normal order

  • Order that includes several of the same item

  • Order with many big-ticket items

  • Rush or overnight shipping requested

  • Shipping to an international address

  • Transactions with similar account numbers

  • Transactions placed on multiple cards all shipping to a single address

  • Multiple transactions on one card over a short period of time

  • Multiple transactions on a card with a single billing address, shipping to multiple addresses

  • Multiple cards used from a single IP address

  • Orders from Internet addresses that make use of free e-mail services