Account Updater

Update Customer Records Automatically

Our Account Updater service protects your customer relationships by quickly and easily updating their payment account information. Card account information changes for many reasons – such as card expirations, lost or stolen cards, upgrades or portfolio conversions. We help you stay in front of these changes to:

  • Prevent interruption of customer service due to non-payment.

  • Reduce customer cancellation by maintaining the payment relationship.

  • Minimize costs associated with collections and with updating accounts manually.

  • Keep the updating process transparent to customers.

Plus, if you use Account Updater through our secure Orbital® Gateway, you can schedule account updates right through the Virtual Terminal interface, and we send your cardholder data to Visa® and MasterCard® for validation. We then update the customer profile – even when the data is securely encrypted – ensuring the protection of sensitive customer account data and reducing the frequency of declined transactions.

Account Updater is available in North America and Europe, for Visa and MasterCard transactions.

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