Hosted Pay Page

MNA Hosted Pay Page makes it easier for you to protect your customers’ payment account data while providing a seamless checkout experience. When you add MNA Hosted Pay Page to your checkout, our MNA Payment Gateway clones your website look and feel into a payment page that is securely hosted by MNA. The consumer enters payment data directly into our secure server, so your company never has to receive or store this data.

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Potentially reduce the cost and scope of PCI compliance.

  • Maintain complete control of your branding throughout the customer payment cycle.

  • Secure your customers’ payment data.

  • Minimize initial and ongoing IT resource impacts.

Your customers also get a richly branded payment experience with our hosted payment page. Each time a transaction is conducted, we clone your website look and feel, providing a seamless customer experience. This minimizes customer confusion and security concerns, reducing shopping cart abandonment.

Security Made Simple

A comprehensive security strategy is necessary when it comes to ensuring the success of your business. Learn how technology can provide long-term data security and PCI scope reduction. The combination of our hosted payment page and MNA tokenization service, Customer Profile Management, provides you with a powerful solution to secure your transaction data and assist you in achieving compliance. Contact us today to learn more about Hosted Pay Page and our MNA suite of products.