MNA Customer Profile Management

Customer Profile Management within the secure MNA® Payment Gateway securely stores your customer data off-site – eliminating the need for you to store account data, and supporting your Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance initiatives. This process is often referred to as Tokenization. You can build a database of your customers and we’ll store it securely. You can retrieve customer data at any time to process a transaction, update information or deactivate a profile and you can control how employees access customer data through a variety of user control settings, further ensuring security.

With Customer Profile Management you can:

  • Reduce risk of exposing customer account data while minimizing data storage costs

  • Generate an unlimited number of tokens at no additional cost

  • Simplify repeat customer transactions and reduce data entry errors by using pre-existing customer profile tokens

  • Maintain your tokenized customer data with automatic account updates, preventing customer service interruptions

  • Easily convert your customer tokens from other tokenization vendors

Best of all, by using Customer Profile Management, you can generate as many tokens as you need – with no fee applied until a payment transaction occurs.

You can also use these profiles to streamline your recurring payments through our MNA Managed Billing service.

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