MNA Managed Billing

Whether you want to offer recurring payments, run special promotions with deferred or installment payments, or collect membership fees, MNA Managed Billing makes it easy for you to offer flexible payment solutions to your customers.

Your business benefits from:

  • Improved cash flow by receiving payments on time and faster than mailed payments

  • Effective management of soft declines helps you capture sales that might otherwise be lost

  • Minimized risk of security breaches and lower data storage costs

  • Enjoy peace of mind with seamless, secure connectivity

  • The ability to forecast revenue with more certainty as the timing of receipts will be more predictable and reliable

Whatever your billing schedule, you can automate responses to customer events to maximize revenue, prevent account defaults and manage exceptions through timely cardholder notification.

Features That Meet Your Needs:

  • Automated payment systems – eliminate the manual processes of establishing and maintaining flexible billing programs.

  • Establish customer profiles, choose a billing schedule, select decline responses and more.

  • Flexible payment schedules – set automatic payments when your customers want them – weekly, monthly or annually.

  • Email management – generate automatic responses to specific customer events, maximize revenue, and manage exceptions through timely cardholder notification.

  • Instant access to customer account data and transaction information through Virtual Terminal – address customer service issues, update customer information and more.

  • Automatic customer account data updates – with optional Account Updater services, you can quickly and easily update your stored customers’ payment account information prior to billing.

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