MNA payment gateway

Merchants can establish secure online transaction processing in a true one-stop-shop environment. The MNA suite of products is fully customizable – you can select the services to add to your Gateway account that best meet your business needs. You can deploy the interface to fully commerce-enable your storefronts. We provide all service, support, processing, technology, billing and customer care.

With the MNA Payment Gateway you can:

  • Save time and money with easy, versatile implementation options

  • Protect customer data and boost compliance efforts

  • Automate your recurring payments and improve cash flow

  • Automate your recurring payments and improve cash flow

  • Automate your recurring payments and improve cash flow

  • Maintain account-on-file information, quickly and efficiently with Account Updater

  • Accept a wide range of credit and debit payment types including MasterCard®, Visa®, American Express®, Discover® and gift cards

Recurring Payments with MNA Managed Billing

Offer flexible payment solutions to your customers such as recurring payments; run special promotions with deferred or installment payments; or collect regular fees. With MNA Managed Billing, you can collect payments automatically and on a regular schedule to improve your cash flow.

MNA Managed Billing also allows you to recycle declined authorizations, capturing sales that would otherwise be lost. You can even deliver e-mail messages to your customers, notifying them of key events in their payment cycle. A comprehensive set of reports gives you insight into all aspects of your flexible payment operations.

Securely store customer data with MNA Customer Profile Management

The Customer Profile Management module securely stores your customer data off-site, eliminating the need to re-key or store account data for repeat customer purMerchant Nation Associations. When a customer profile is created, transactions can be processed by using an assigned profile number. It's simple, safe and secure. Customer profiles can be created for any consumer transacting in one of more than 130 presentment currencies supported by MNA Payment Gateway. This option also supports your PCI Compliance initiatives.

Flexible Integration

The MNA Payment Gateway also provides multiple integration options to best fit your technical environment, including integration with leading hosted storefront and e-commerce service providers, giving you a streamlined payment solution without the need for additional development.

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