Are you a new small business or an established company?

  • Accept payments online, through mail or over the phone
  • Expand payment options as your business grows
  • Get support when you need it with 24-hour, U.S.-based technical help
  • Enhance security by avoiding the need to store cardholder data
  • Customize payment acceptance settings like settlement time, payment types and value-added features of the MNA suite of services
  • Conduct detailed analysis by generating sales and settlement activity reports, which can be exported to supplementary reporting tools

Simple to Use

Collect credit card orders from your site, by phone, or via mail, then log onto MNA Virtual Terminal on your computer. From there, you can initiate card authorizations, settlements or refunds. Since your computer becomes a credit card machine, managing payments is fast and easy.

Watch the Overview

Explore more ways MNA Virtual Terminal helps you stay on top of your business' credit card transactions.