Verifone VX 520 DUAL COMM

The dual-communication Verifone® VX 520 includes everything you need in a stand-alone countertop device – speedy processing, expansive memory and flexible acceptance hardware. The advanced VX Evolution software platform relies on the familiar Verix operating system, eliminating retraining for staff. An integrated contactless reader allows your customers to tap and go, the chip card reader will process EMV credit and debit cards too.

Merchant Profile:

The VX 520 is available to clients in the retail and petroleum industries, and it offers these benefits:

Plus, automatic remote downloading ensures that your terminal will receive software updates with no action on your part, paving the way for value-added offerings as contactless third-party apps and mobile wallets become the norm.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Process EMV chip credit and debit cards. Pin debit too.
  • Saves time on both sides of the counter with high-speed processing and acceptance of contactless cards and mobile wallets
  • Customers easily pay with their preferred payment method

In addition, the VX 520 supports SafetechSM Encryption to ensure point-to-point protection of your retail transaction data and potentially reduce the scope and cost of maintaining PCI compliance.

Other Features:

  • Support for multiple transactions: Accept EMV credit, signature and PIN debit transactions and select mobile wallets.
  • High-speed communication with dial backup
  • Certified with the Payment Card Industry PIN Transaction Security (PCI PTS) standards by encrypting customer PINs within a tamper-resistant security module (TRSM)
  • Anti-glare, backlit, display with screensaver
  • 160 MB memory for value-added applications